This letter is so beautiful. The person who wrote this truly has a beautiful soul. Gillian Zinser posted this on her Instagram account (@gillianzinser) after seeing this letter with a bouquet of flowers outside the Lebanese Embassy in America, in regards to the recent Beirut attacks.

Now I know full well that what is happening around the world is most certainly not a competition. It is not about which country has had or is having more attacks. It is not about whether it is happening once a year or if it is happening everyday. This is about innocent lives being lost. Each person, whether you are from Europe or the Middle East—each person matters. One life lost in these attacks and wars is a murder. Full stop. A murder is not just when a certain amount of people die. All of this is barbaric. It is devastating.

This is not about what is trending, what is cool and what is popular…this is about having a HEART. Having compassion to realise that ALL lives matter regardless of location, religion, circumstance and popularity. People have got to stop just having compassion ONLY for the ‘popular’ countries, the ones they know the majority follows. The same goes for the people with a lack of compassion over the ‘unpopular’ countries. How can there ever be peace if there is this superiority syndrome going on? The feeling that some lives matter less? Now that is the root of evil.

In my opinion, I think the reason why so many Lebanese feel disappointed and upset by the severe lack of support and respect after the Beirut attacks is that because, like the letter above states, we as Humans all deserve and need love. I mean, that is what life is about, is it not? Love. Genuine love. Loving people, loving yourself, loving nature, loving to learn, loving your career, loving your hobbies and the list goes on. So when there is such a lack of support and respect, I guess the people start to feel as if they are inadequate, as if their life is not valued—deemed as a ‘waste of space’. No one likes and wants to feel this way. No one.

So, I very much doubt it is a competition to them. It is all about love. We can all radiate love, but unfortunately hatred is the one being over glorified—whether it is the hatred of others or self-hatred. Love somehow has been lost in translation. However, there is always hope for the better as the letter above clearly shows that there truly are some amazing, compassionate souls out there who radiate love. When it comes down to it, love will always triumph hate.

Youtube account: spanky enriquez

I love this scene from ‘Love Actually’, in fact, I love the whole movie. This particular scene is actually genuine as they put hidden cameras around Heathrow airport to capture the raw reactions of the people being united again with their loved ones—how beautiful. Afterwards, members of the crew had to run after the people to get them to sign the release forms, so it can be featured in the movie, as obviously the people did not know they were being filmed!

Let there be love. Let there be peace and equality for all. Every life and every country needs to be valued and respected.



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