The dictionary definition of the world ‘Rebel’ is as the following:


But you see, I am not talking about that kind of ‘rebel’, or the type that purposely cause trouble for others and commit crime. I am talking about the rebel you have deep within you, the one to push yourself into becoming a better person—the person that you truly want to become. The rebel that is always fighting against the dictatorship of what others expect you to be and fighting against the standards set by the media* and society*. This rebel, however, needs to be continuously worked on a daily basis, in order to maintain the rebellion.

It is that rebellion that will make you ignore the standards set by the media and society, and to continue pushing for the life you truly want. As long as you are not harming others or yourself, you should be able to do as you please.


10 Things I Hate About You

It is that rebellion, that when someone says ‘no’ and all the doors are closing in on you, you will be able to find other ways—to create other ways, until you find your yes. Whether it is twice, twenty, or two hundred times, you will keep on persisting and trying.

It is that rebellion that will enable you to stand up for what you truly believe in, to stand up for yourself—your dreams, your voice, your health, and your human rights (the list goes on). It will enable you to stand up for others—especially the ones who do not have a voice, the ones who cannot speak out for themselves—you could be someone’s light in their darkness.

It is that rebellion that will make you stay true to yourself—to really maintain your own convictions, even if everyone else around you is thinking and doing the complete opposite, if it does not feel right for you—if it is something you do not believe in—something that you do not feel passionate about, you will not think or do it.

Lastly, it is that rebellion that will help you follow your intuition—which truly is a gift, in a world that only seems to glorify logical, rational thinking.

Now this is the type of rebellion that should be let out!

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*These words are used in a generalised way, there will always be exceptions.

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