Remember these celebrities were once ‘unknown’ (excluding those born within a famous family). They were not just automatically dropped from the sky, in all their great, super talented, successful glory. The majority started from the bottom and worked their way to the top- struggle after struggle. Unfortunately, we humans have the psychological trait that enables the majority (as there will always be a minority going against this) to go for people (this also applies to items, brands, and so on) that are already ‘popular’ and ‘established’, as it is a part of the ‘fitting in’ process the majority crave and need. Do not get me wrong, it is great to show celebrities support—many have worked, and are working incredibly hard and are amazingly talented, so they deserve respect and support. However, so do your friends and family—they are also working incredibly hard and are amazingly talented, so they too deserve respect and support. Your friends and family are people you see having that burning passion in their eyes when they are working towards their goals, you see any obstacles they may incur, and how they overcome them with strong resilience. You should never underestimate the power of support—the power of your support towards your loved ones as that can truly make a huge difference, it can motivate and inspire them all the bit more to continue on, especially when times get tough.

This also applies to individuals and groups who are trying to make a difference and change the so-called ‘rules’ that are being inflicted upon us for the better. Many people* complain why certain things are unfair, yet, if they see the individuals and groups—the ‘unpopular’ and ‘unknown’ ones, trying to empower others and change the ideologies of these so-called rules, they do not support them, even if it is just by doing something tiny—it does not mean they have to quit their job and go protesting across the world! The way I see it, is that anyone who complains—you either support or stop complaining. Everyone can show support in some way—whether it is small or big. It truly is amazing what the tiniest bit of support can do.

Today, show someone your support and watch their face light up! 😀



*These words are used in a generalised way, there will always be exceptions.

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