I love this quote, however, I will do an article about this issue another time. As for now, when I saw this image of Christina Aguilera and her eyebrows, it got me thinking how it is a shame that it takes the media portraying something as ‘desirable’ for the masses* to see the beauty in it, when before they would not, even though it would still look the same. Thin eyebrows, for example, were all the rage a few years ago—it was one of the top trending beauty looks. As a result of that, people would laugh at thick eyebrows—they were not seen as ‘desirable’, but now it is the opposite—thick eyebrows are seen as ‘desirable’ and thin eyebrows as ‘undesirable’.

It just goes to show you, the thing that you may find ‘undesirable’, is it because you genuinely do? Or is it because it has not been popularised by the media? Or perhaps it was popularised, but it ‘expired’? And the thing you may find desirable now, if it becomes ‘expired’ by the media, would you still find it desirable? Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder or the media? Hmm…


*These words are used in a generalised way, there will always be exceptions.

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  1. fashionlollipopblog

    Fashion evolves and changes in time and somehow it goes back in trend but nothing is disastorous about going back to a different era! I remember you posted something similar speaking about her eyebrows on Instagram – what exactly are you speaking about here? Have I missed something about this controversy in the media?

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    • MYA GIA

      You are right- it is the same as the one I posted on Instagram! :p I thought I would post it on the blog for anyone who did not read it and new viewers!

      In this example, I used eyebrows as that is something big right now! But I also mean in general, any beauty trend, body trend, etc. Sometimes people may not get proper appreciation for something, until it has made it into the ‘mainstream’. For example, with the eyebrows, I knew a few people who always had very thick eyebrows and were constantly teased about it, but now they get so many praising them, even though they looked the same as they did back then. I am just thinking about how popular influence (media is the biggest one) can really affect ones own judgement when it comes to beauty, and in so many other areas- career, location, etc. It is weird because at the same time influence is also great and needed, especially now with social media there are great social/fashion influencers (like yourself!) inspiring people with fashion and lifestyle, getting them to wear/try new things they may not have considered before, finding out new information about the industry, and so on.

      I just get upset if women do not feel like they are good enough just because they do not see their type of beauty being glorified. We all go through that insecurity and in the more extreme cases, it truly gets in the way of doing a lot of things! X


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