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Written by: Maya

Empowering a positive body image amongst women is something we are very passionate about at MYA GIA. For those of you who haven’t read the ‘About Us’ page, this platform is an extension to MYAGIA.COM, which will be an online clothing store for women (click here to read more), so it is only fitting for the first article to be written about body image, and by myself, Maya, founder of MYA GIA.

I have always had a curvy, ‘hourglass’ type of body shape, and it is only within the last year that I have actually grown to not only be content with it, but to actually appreciate and love it. Yes, there have been (and will continue to be) countless times where I have those absolutely wonderful ‘UGGHHHH!!!’ moments…Oh, I was being sarcastic with the ‘wonderful’, because they are most certainly not, but you know what? That is a part of life, there will always be down moments, moments of pure struggle, a lot of it actually being with your own mind. The real struggle, however, is in never getting back up, in losing hope, and in giving up on yourself. Whenever I have those moments, I think about the idea of not giving up on myself because it has taken a hell of a long time to get rid of these body ‘ideals’ out of my mind, to stop feeling deeply insecure about my body, and to stop with all the unhealthy, extreme, ‘fad’ diets ruining my health and mental state.

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